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Hawk Totem

Hawk has been called the Keeper of the Sunlight. As such, the hawk provides us with illumination and clarity. The hawk has very keen eyesight, and sees even the smallest detail. In addition to the detail, the hawk can see the entire field in which it's prey is. In this way, the hawk can strike clear and true. This tells us that people with Hawk Medicine have the ability to objectively see the whole picture as well as the little things. These people often think things through before they speak or act. When they choose to confront an issue, they normally go right to the "heart" of it. The hawk is a messenger from the Otherworld, and if he has chosen to visit you this day, you are receiving a message. Could it be that you are not following the call. Call on the spirit of hawk to give you strength, courage, and clarity to move forward.

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